Right now, today, this minute.....we need people willing to deliver Home Delivered Meals to seniors in the communities of Middletown and Hidden Valley Lake.  We offer mileage and a free lunch!  What could be better that that! It is a sit down job while you are driving, and then turns into a very specific task of delivering our seniors their meal of the day. Your mileage is compensated if you so wish.  Call 987-3113.

     Also, we are in need of those energetic, helpful servers for our lunch meal. While serving others, you can get to know new faces and also enjoy a free lunch!

    Volunteers are essential to the Senior Center! They ensure that we can continue to serve the seniors in Middletown, Cobb and Hidden Valley Lake areas. They serve as  welcoming greeters to assist at lunchtime with signing in and providing direction. Volunteer drivers make it possible to provide our Meals on Wheels program, which is a lifeline between seniors and the "outside world". Our drivers are on the job five days a week, checking on our 'shut-ins" and reporting any severe changes in their health. Servers are ever busy serving beverages and plates of food to the lunch guests. Volunteer librarians tend to the video lending library making it easy to check out from a large supply of videos for home use. Gardeners use their talents to ensure our garden boxes are well tended and supply fresh produce for our lunches. Our own mailman picks up the mail daily and delivers to office.  We have a birthday caller who calls and wishes each one a happy birthday each month. Thrift store workers sort, label, display and organize many wonderful treasures in the thrift store. Volunteers sweep floors, work in the office, help with newsletter, set tables, wash windows and more. Board Members help direct and work tirelessly in support of the center. And of course, there are always our fund-raising opportunities for volunteering. We appreciate each one and encourage you to get involved and share your talents.



“Here’s to all volunteers, those dedicated people who believe in all work and no pay.” ~ Robert Orben

A. J. Franks is our “in house” pianist.  He entertains our diners on Fridays when able. If you enjoy dining to fine music, check out Fridays. “Volunteers are love in motion.”


Dale Gardner donates his time and expertise with us on the second Wednesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. He instructs us in Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese discipline of meditative movements practiced as a system of exercises. It uses slow, smooth body movement to achieve a state of relaxation.


If you have a few hours to kill a month, how about becoming a driver. We have two individuals able to deliver meals twice a month. Martha Grove is kind enough to drive for us on two Thursdays and Dennis Walsh drives on two Wednesdays. There is not a nobler position.  If interested, call 987-3113, and speak to Lori.  Your mileage is compensated if you so wish.