The Senior Center will be CLOSED until August 31st, and then we will reassess the COVID-19 situation so all seniors will be safe.

This will NOT affect Meals on Wheels for home-bound seniors.

For congregate diners to receive a fresh meal on weekdays,

please call 987-3113 before 10 a.m. for pick-up at 12 p.m.

Thank you for your understanding.


August 4, 2020

Public Notice

Middletown Senior Center has confirmed one of its employees has tested positive for COVID-19. The employee was sent home immediately upon arrival at work on July 27th, as the employee displayed symptoms of being ill. The employee has been home under self-quarantine since then. The employee took a COVID test on July 30th and received the positive test result on the evening of August 3rd.

Out of an abundance of caution, Middletown Senior Center immediately closed, began contact tracing and every Senior Center employee has been directed to take a COVID test. During the temporary closure we will be conducting rigorous deep cleaning and sanitizing of the entire facility. The drive-thru food pickup has been temporarily suspended and frozen meals are being delivered to the homebound seniors during this time.

Middletown Senior Center is committed to maintaining a safe environment for its clients and staff. Executive Director, Lori Tourville stated, “We understand the importance of being transparent with our clients, staff members and community and will communicate any information we have regarding the situation.”

Middletown Senior Center immediately contacted Lake County Department of Public Health and Dr. Gary Pace, Lake County Public Health Officer, on July 27th to seek guidance and assess the situation. After reviewing the details of the case with Dr. Pace, it was concluded that there was no concern of transmission to any clients.

Middletown Senior Center is continuing to work closely with Dr. Pace and the Lake County Department of Public Health and will follow their recommendations and guidance.

The safety of our staff and clients continues to be of utmost importance. We continue to take temperature checks, require masks and/or face shields and sanitize the facility on a regular basis. Middletown Senior Center is proud of their staff for adhering to these health and safety practices, while continuing to provide excellent service to their clients.

Thank you,

Middletown Senior Center


April 1, 2020

Dear Middletown Senior Center Clients,

The safety of our seniors has always been our first priority. With the increased health risks associated with the COVID-19 virus, we have implemented new procedures. Listed below are steps we are taking to ensure the safety and protection of our seniors, reduce health risks and maintain the social distancing recommendations of public health officials. We are here to help and together, we will get through this challenging time as a community.

Safety procedures implemented:

  1. Drive Thru Meal Pick-Up

    1. Meals are prepared by the same individuals that are delivering them to seniors who are picking up. This significantly reduces the number of individuals handling the meals, reducing potential exposure and health risks.

    2. Meals are prepared daily (Monday – Friday) to provide fresh and healthy options for our seniors. We look forward to seeing our seniors as they pick up their meals to check in with them and ensure we are meeting their needs. 

  1. Home Deliveries

    1. Drivers are equipped with hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves in each vehicle. Drivers will leave meals on the doorstep, ring the doorbell and maintain a minimum of the six-foot recommended distance from our seniors.

    2. Drivers will wait for meals to be picked up off of the doorstep, providing them the opportunity for visual welfare checks.

Meals are prepared in our kitchen daily (Monday –Friday) and are available to be picked up at the Middletown Senior Center (21256 Washington St., Middletown, CA) or delivered to your home. Please call (707) 987-3113 before 10 AM for pick-up at 12 PM.

Meals delivered are packaged hot and placed in a hot box with heat stones, cold portions of meals are placed in coolers with cold packs. Meals are promptly packaged and sent out at 11:00 AM. Our drivers check the temperature of cold and hot food at the start of delivery and when the last meal is delivered.

If you have special needs or require additional accommodations, please contact us at (707) 987-3113. We are here to help!


The Middletown Senior Center is reaching out to volunteers to assist seniors in our service area.

     The needs of our seniors in the Middletown, Cobb and Hidden Valley area have increased due to this active health emergency. Hardesters Market is offering curbside delivery in their parking lot for seniors that are 65 and over or others who are immune sensitive. If you wish to use this service, you can call your local Hardesters (HVL 987-2200, Cobb 928-5233).  If you are a senior in need and are not capable of picking up your curbside groceries from Hardesters please call the Middletown Senior Center at 987-3113 and we will make every effort to find a volunteer to assist you. If you are a senior and have a prescription that you are not capable of picking up, you can make arrangements with your pharmacist regarding payment & pick up, and we will do our best to arrange a volunteer to pick up and deliver your prescription.

Facts about the Middletown Senior Center

     The Middletown Senior Center regularly checks temperatures of all meals. The Middletown Senior Center Meals on Wheels are made in our kitchen and packaged hot and placed in a hot box with heat stones, cold portions of meals are placed in coolers with cold packs.  Meals are promptly packaged and sent out at 11:00 a.m. Our Meals on Wheels drivers check the temperature of cold and hot food at the start of delivery and when the last meal is delivered. Our routes (Middletown, Hidden Valley, Cobb) take 1.5 hours or less.

     Our last health inspection report was December 3rd, 2019 and our score was a 99. Anyone is welcome to see a copy of our inspection report, just stop by our office. 

Thank you for your most generous donation of $6,000 to be used towards our increased expenses for our Meals on Wheels and lunch programs.


Calpine has once again stepped in to ensure that our Seniors’ nutritional needs are met.  Calpine’s generous donation is helping to fill the gap in rising costs caused by Covid-19—more wages, added supplies, more storage (freezer).  Thank you, Calpine, for your commitment to our community.