Remember Subaru’s quite visible sales campaign this past November to January?  If someone bought a new Subaru, they needed to specify which charity they supported, and Subaru would donate $250 to that particular charity.  The available charities to choose from were the ASPCA, Make-a-Wish® , National Park Foundation, and Meals on Wheels America. 


The  “Share the Love Event” of 2018-2019 was pleased to inform us that the Middletown Senior Center earned $7,207.91 by participating for Meals on Wheels of America.


Thanks to all of those who either bought or leased a Subaru during this time frame .  If not this year, maybe next year.  It was more lucrative than we had ever hoped or imagined. 


by rmk


     I had a chance to do some gardening recently.  I chose the correct time of year, climate wise.  The sun was shining, there was a small breeze, and the weather seemed perfect.  I was totally prepared to tax my limits.  I pleaded with my body to not let me down.


     It used to take me approximately five to seven hours of hard labor a day to rake and burn, dig and plant, prune and mulch (over an acre).  Of course, not anymore.  We’re in a new location, and this yard (lot size) over the years has been transformed into reasonable manicured spaces.  Also, for the heavy stuff, I do have a gardener.  I still feel guilty about it, but my yard begs me for one.


     I broke the yard into sections.  I would weed, plant, and water a section a day.  I had a deadline to finish at least three of the sections by a certain date. I do have to admit that the three sections I selected were very manageable.  They allowed for some sitting while weeding and planting.


     I do now sincerely and totally know for certain what “bone tired” means.  I did well on the first two sections.  On the third section, I did well also, but had some leftover touches on the first two sections to finish.   So I got busy and finished them up, even though I knew I was pushing it.  At this age, the only way I get something done is to push myself a bit.  This push was more than a bit.  But finish, I did.  I don’t remember being that tired for a very l-o-n-g time.  Everything hurt.  But what fascinated me, when I was taking inventory on what hurt, was that I was totally aware of my bones (every one of them).  They ached.  I never gave much thought to the expression “bone tired”.  But I certainly now know what it means and how it feels.   It used to take me five to seven hours to get bone tired. 

Now I can do it in a mere 23 minutes.