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April 1, 2020

Dear Middletown Senior Center Clients,

The safety of our seniors has always been our first priority. With the increased health risks associated with the COVID-19 virus, we have implemented new procedures. Listed below are steps we are taking to ensure the safety and protection of our seniors, reduce health risks and maintain the social distancing recommendations of public health officials. We are here to help and together, we will get through this challenging time as a community.

Safety procedures implemented:

  1. Drive Thru Meal Pick-Up

    1. Meals are prepared by the same individuals that are delivering them to seniors who are picking up. This significantly reduces the number of individuals handling the meals, reducing potential exposure and health risks.

    2. Meals are prepared daily (Monday – Friday) to provide fresh and healthy options for our seniors. We look forward to seeing our seniors as they pick up their meals to check in with them and ensure we are meeting their needs. 

  1. Home Deliveries

    1. Drivers are equipped with hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves in each vehicle. Drivers will leave meals on the doorstep, ring the doorbell and maintain a minimum of the six-foot recommended distance from our seniors.

    2. Drivers will wait for meals to be picked up off of the doorstep, providing them the opportunity for visual welfare checks.

Meals are prepared in our kitchen daily (Monday –Friday) and are available to be picked up at the Middletown Senior Center (21256 Washington St., Middletown, CA) or delivered to your home. Please call (707) 987-3113 before 10 AM for pick-up at 12 PM.

Meals delivered are packaged hot and placed in a hot box with heat stones, cold portions of meals are placed in coolers with cold packs. Meals are promptly packaged and sent out at 11:00 AM. Our drivers check the temperature of cold and hot food at the start of delivery and when the last meal is delivered.

If you have special needs or require additional accommodations, please contact us at (707) 987-3113. We are here to help!


# Indicates menu may contain more than 1,000 mg sodium
* Vitamin A source
Underline means Vitamin C source

MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday Friday


Pork Pozole*

Green Salad*

Melon Salad


Italian Sausage# Pasta

Spinach Salad*

Cottage w/pear


Baked Chicken

Potatoes Au Gratin

Green Salad*


Tuna Noodle Casserole*


Orange Wedge


Cheesy Broccoli* Soup w/Ham

Carrot Raisin Salad*

Wheat Roll


Salisbury Steak

Mashed Potatoes Green Beans

Fruit Salad


Beef Chili*

Spinach Salad*

Corn Bread


Hot Turkey Sandwich

Baked Sweet Potato*



Beef Stew*

Green Salad*

Fresh Fruit


Honey Mustard Chicken Thighs

Potatoes & Carrots*

Garden Salad*


Cabbage Rolls*

Whole Wheat Roll

Fruit Salad

Broccoli Salad


Chicken Primavera Pasta

Marinated Veggie Salad*



Korean Beef

w/brown rice

Veggie Chow Mein*

Mandarin Oranges*


BBQ Pork* Sandwich

Broccoli/Pepper Medley

Fruit Salad


Chicken Pot Pie*

Spinach Salad*

Fresh Fruit


Beef Stroganoff

Veggie Salad*

Fresh Fruit

Broccoli Salad*


Baked Fish w/Lemon Rice

Spinach Salad*

Wheat Roll


White Beans

w/Ham Hock#

Green Salad*

Corn Bread


Chicken Enchilada


Salsa Salad*

Corn Tortilla


Sloppy Joe

on Wheat Roll

Garden Salad*



Stuffed Potato

w/chili beans


Fruit Salad