After the Holidays

by rmk


    Christmas was great. The Hawaii group returned on the 23rd and traveled to Middletown on the 25th. It was super as usual. I totally could have all of our kids move back home. But not to worry, they will save me from myself. I know they won’t give it any serious thought.


    As much as they say they love us, moving home is not an option. That holds true for several reasons. Our house is a small house (less then 900 square feet) with two bedrooms and a pull out bed in the living room. So, as you see, room is not a problem. We do cozy quite well.


    We have a large backyard, but it is a fishbowl. It’s on a semi-busy street on a dirt road here in town. The cars that use it like to do wheelies which cause thick dust balls. So camping in it isn’t a logical option.


    We enjoy staying up late on occasion, so the pullout in the living room isn’t a preferred location most of the time. One of the bedrooms is taken by us, but we would share some of our floor space. So that isn’t a deal breaker. The other bedroom has a single bed in it, but there is a bit of floor space, also.  So, again, not a deal breaker. There is a bit of floor space in the dining area, but that is normally reserved for suitcases, make-up, hair dryers, curling irons, shoes, computers, phones, etc. Yep, the kids are female.


    They have spoiled me to the point that I am used to them doing or assisting with cooking, cleaning, and gardening. They, also, service my computer. They enjoy playing card games. Everyone is just competitive enough to make it a bit of a challenge. I never let them win when they were little. How would they have known if they got good or not? They got good.


    What is the deal breaker, you ask? I’m sure you have guessed it by now. We have one bathroom. Did I mention that the kids are female(3)? Love can stretch just so far.