Facts about the Middletown Senior Center

     The Middletown Senior Center regularly checks temperatures of all meals. The Middletown Senior Center Meals on Wheels are made in our kitchen and packaged hot and placed in a hot box with heat stones, cold portions of meals are placed in coolers with cold packs.  Meals are promptly packaged and sent out at 11:00 a.m. Our Meals on Wheels drivers check the temperature of cold and hot food at the start of delivery and when the last meal is delivered. Our routes (Middletown, Hidden Valley, Cobb) take 1.5 hours or less.

     Our last health inspection report was June 25, 2019 and our score was a 98. Anyone is welcome to see a copy of our inspection report, just stop by our office. 



Did you know that our Meals on Wheels Program serves 20 seniors in HVL, 18 in Middletown, and 6 on Cobb?  Many of our recipients are homebound; some are totally disabled.


Our program isn’t federally funded but we do keep prices low at a suggested donation price of only $5.00 per meal. We rely on volunteers who deliver Monday through Friday at lunch time only.  Without them we could not continue with this program.  These drivers are often the only ones that our clients see from day to day.


At the moment we are in need of drivers.  We are looking for someone to work the Tuesday shift as a backup driver for whenever the regular driver is sick or on vacation, and for another driver for Cobb.


If you would be interested in one of these very rewarding positions, please come in with your driver’s license and ask for Tessie.